What Makes Flex Affect Different?


Flex Affect is a performance based business offering unrivaled fitness and wellness services with a proven process, culture, and community that thrives on success for everyone. Challenge. Change. Evolve.

This is more than a gym, this is a flex family full of fans who cheer you on no matter what fitness level you are.

Flex Affect is lively, fun, with coaches that help you achieve things you never dreamed you could. If you want to be fit and healthy while enjoying the journey, get on this train. It is like no other.

You will not regret it and YOU are worth it!

Christine McLean


Bachelors in Exercise Science
Currently Working towards Master’s in Exercise Science

Growing up I played softball which led to playing in college. Going into college I was injured and had to have ACL surgery. This is where my passion for fitness started.
Fitness for me is all about maintaining a healthy body and challenging myself with new experiences and levels.

Mitchell McLamb


MS in Exercise Physiology

I have had a love for sport since I was young starting out with baseball, football, basketball, and track. Growing up in the Johnston County area I saw a need to help young athletes make it to the next level. That need drove me to get my bachelor’s and master’s in exercise physiology and seek out experience in the sports performance world. Now I am bringing what I have learned to Flex Affect in hopes give back to my community to teach fitness, health, and sports performance.


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