INTRODUCTION The purpose of this blog is to briefly go over important concepts of periodization when creating a program to reduce the effects of overtraining, increase the effects of progressive overload, and reduce the staleness of current program (in other words keeping the workouts fun/challenging). Periodization was originally derived from

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Understanding Energy Systems

ENERGY SYSTEM UNDERSTANDING/CLASSIFICATION   Energy systems training should take into consideration:     The energy system tapped into during an athletic activity depends directly on the intensity and duration of the activity. Below are the three main classifications for understanding to allow better accuracy when designing training parameters.      ANAEROBIC/ALACTIC   The anaerobic

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Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise

Introduction: Physical activity helps deter cardiovascular disease and mortality. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises will differ based on the intensity, time interval and types of muscle

Hypertrophy Training

Introduction: The purpose of this blog is to briefly highlight the purpose of hypertrophy training when it comes to building a program. Hypertrophy is a


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