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Flex Fit

Large group team training that offers specific fitness tracks; Compete, Perform or Move. Inclusive training modalities highlighting the Flex Affect 5 tiers of success: Strength, Skill, Conditioning, Aesthetics & Corrective exercise. This format is for athletes who enjoy well balanced fitness delivered by industry leading professionals. If you like excitement & wish to be surrounded by a supportive & motivational community then look no further!

Sports Performance Training

Large group, team experience delivering on the advantages of training with competition. With the best in the industry coaching, programming & equipment elevate yourself & take your performance to the next level. Whether preparing for the upcoming season, or looking to gain an edge on the competition, this is the spot for you!

Small Group Training

Small team training experience. Each small group is selectively constructed of like-minded athletes to produce unmatched results. With best in industry coaching, programming, & equipment we will help you take your performance to the next level. This is a great fit for athletes who have specific goals & wish to focus on certain training aspects, all while building relationships that last a lifetime!

Personal Training

Highest level of training specificity. With one on one training the absolute focus is on your specific needs and goals. Personal experience with an industry leading professional who will custom craft a success plan and ensure results.


Achieve optimal health through wellness, habits, and lifestyle. Healthy eating can be overwhelming but it doesn't need to be!



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